Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Technical people for simple people ...!

We started our firm Krishi Mitra in the year 2000 in a view to provide technical guidance to the customers in and around Bhopal ; as we had observed the lack of awareness regarding agri products and their proper usage on various crops.
Today farmer is ready to spend money but they do not get returns worth the money spend.
We chose this name Krishi Mitra.....
.... to come to the farmers as their real friends !
....because Krishi Mitra indeed.... a friend you need !
We are basically technical people engaged in providing consultancy for Agri inputs and also providing technical know how for the simple people i.e the farmers who are in immense need of guidance for their Fields , Gardens and their field crops for obtaining maximum yield, with the reducing natural resources.
Since we had worked for varied range of crops in these states under different agroclimatic conditions ; we thought of sharing these experiences for the benefit of the farmers around our birth place and hence Krishi Mitra came into existence in the year 2000.
We are B.Sc. Agriculture persons having Field experience of last 18 years regarding product promotion at farmers level of agrochemicals , seeds and weedicides in various fields and gardens in the states of Maharashtra , Gujrat , Madhya Pradesh and Haryana.
We had worked with top rated companies like Alembic chemical works ltd, Cyanamid (India) ltd , Deepak Fertilizers and- Petrochemicals ltd and Bayer (India) ltd for promoting their agro input products in Maharashtra ,Madhya Pradesh ,Gujrat and Haryana for the crops of citrus, chillies, pulses , wheat , sugarcane, cummins, cotton, vegetables and much more .....
We had worked on various weed management schedules while serving these companies in crops like wheat, cotton, cummins, sugarcane, pulses, vegetables, soybean etc with results which were fascinating!
We assist our clients from sowing to harvesting to give technical knowhow for the entire process involved in obtaining maximum yield from field crops as well as horticultural crops.
We train our client to use pesticides, plant growth regulators, weedicides and synthetic fertilizers to improve the growth of crop,reduce pest infestation and ultimately to yield maximum harvest.
We provide consultancy services for 100% organic as well as sustainable agriculture for years to come.

We provide technical guidance regarding crop selection and various
crop management aspects for the crops like cereals, pulses, horticultural crops and vegetables and also ornamental crops in garden.
We are also visiting regularly the fields of our clients to identify the problems related to non productivity of crops due to pest complex , weed flora in the field conditions and other adverse agroclimatic conditions in the area.
After analysing the cause we give guidance to our customers in the fields of insect control, weeds control , disease control by using precise and result oriented chemicals which are highly effective and are latest molecules in the market.
We would always guide you to your satisfaction for the crops which are hard to grow in your regions and does not give you good results in production because of lack of proper guidance.
We had been operating in and around Bhopal for last 8 years and have a list of complete satisfied valuable customers ; and now looking to need of clients outside we thought of reaching them through our
We are attaining a stable and loyal customers list since last 8 years and are confident enough to add more jewels in our crown in bright years to come.
We are very happy to join hands with the following companies to promote their agri inputs in and around bhopal for last few years :
· Mahyco Vegetable Seeds Ltd, Jalna- India.
· Unicorne Seeds Pvt Ltd, Secunderabad-India.
· Ankur Seeds Pvt Ltd, Nagpur-India.
· Shriram Bioseed Genetics India ltd, Hyderabad-India.
· Eurogene Seeds Ltd, Bangalore-India.
· Crystal Seeds, Bangalore-India
· Indofil chemicals Company, Mumbai-India.
· Devidayal Sales Ltd, Vadodara-India.
We provide excellent quality agri inputs like seeds , pesticides and weedicides to our valuable customers for their complete satisfaction with proper guidance for using these inputs for obtaining maximum output from optimal use of basic resources and judicial use of chemicals to protect our environment.
We undergo for consultancy services on an annualised basis for providing our consultancy to the valued customers for their crop to yield them to their satisfaction.
We also provide consultancy services along with genuine and quality products for termite control in houses and fields .
Kindly feel free to ask your queries to us on- OR
of course we are there to serve you always ...24 hours a day , 365 days a year..........for decades to come !
As we stronlgy believe in the saying - ...........together we grow !!


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